Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Erbil switches off lights for Earth Hour

By Ary Rasool
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region –As cities around the world were plunged into darkness, Erbil switched off its lights to contribute to an event, globally known as the campaign to raise awareness of the climate Change.
"Erbil kicked off the event at 8.30 pm, cutting lights of The Parki-Shar Park and streets nearby" said Head of Erbil Electricity, Hussein Hamad, and added "the event went on for only half an hour".
Globally, the event expected to kick off in more than 150 countries for 60 minutes with an anticipating of millions of people. During the hour people switch off non-necessary lights.
Most of the famous attraction, locally and globally, took part in the Earth Hour campaign, including Empire state building, Halabja Martyr's Monument, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House Etc..
"It's really amazing to see Erbil participating in such events.''said Ali Ibrahim when he alongside with his friends walking in the ParkiShar, a Small Park adjacent to the Erbil Citadel.
The 21 year old student also said "we first had Erbil as Capital of the tourism for 2014, the Longest Kurdish dance and now Earth Hour campaign. Erbil develops, and it will continue to globalize"
The event first emerged in Australia when in 21st March,2007 started with a small gathering of people and then gradually became a tradition across the world.
Erbil turned off the lights for the second time later on Saturday alongside with 7 thousand other cities in 152 countries.
Furthermore, Halabja Participated in the event "Halabja Martyr's Monument turned off its lights in support for Earth Hour" stated Halabja official, Kharib Ahmed, and added "the event took place for one hour.Instead of bulb lights we used candle lights"
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